Pizza for night owls

Whether it's late-night studying, partying, movie night or a severe case of insomnia, the Stonetop Pizza boys have got you covered.

The delivery-only restaurant fires up at 10 o'clock Tuesday through Saturday nights inside the Ashland Masonic Lodge kitchen, at 570 Clover Lane, and doles out mostly pizzas and milkshakes until 4 a.m.

On a whim, lifelong friends Charlie Bass, 21, and Jacob Harris, 20, launched the late-night delivery pizza place at the beginning of October, and their pizza pies and other munchables are starting to catch on among college students and other night crawlers.

"It turned into something magical, and that is this," said Bass, standing baggy-eyed in a bright kitchen during the last few minutes of Thursday night. "We don't know what we're doing, but we hope it will grow as we do "¦ it's working out."

They offer three types of pizza — Mediterranean, Barbecue Chicken and Meat Lovers — all personal-sized and under $8. You can also build your own, add extra toppings, turn it into a calzone and get a side or caesar salad.

On busy nights, Bass and Harris, who graduated together from Ashland High School in 2011, will make about 50 pizzas; on a slow night, maybe 10.

"We're not making any money yet, but we're making our costs back every night," Bass said, who started the business hoping that it could help him pay his way through college.

Before deciding on the late-night pizza delivery model, Bass and Harris considered opening a bar or diner in town, they said, but didn't want to take on too much. Bass is also a server at Greenleaf Restaurant in Ashland, he said.

"Eventually, I think we will outgrow this kitchen. "¦ People are happy to hear about us, because there is not anything like what we're doing in town," Bass said.

Stonetop gets all of its dough from La Baguette/Hardware Café in Ashland and buys the majority of its ingredients fresh daily, Bass said. On the menu, the pair's Barbecue Chicken pizza and lavender milkshake have emerged as customer favorites, Harris said. Other creative milkshakes include pumpkin pie, white chocolate raspberry and maple waffle, just to name a few.

The pair wants customers to suggest new sandwich, pizza and milkshake creations through the Stonetop Pizza Facebook page or while ordering, and they'll do their best to accommodate, Harris said. All of the restaurant's specials are also run through its Facebook page, Bass said.

"Really, anything people are interested in, we're interested in carrying," said Harris, who handles all of the restaurant's delivery driving in a 2004 Nissan Xterra (since his 2011 Nissan Sentra broke down last week).

"This is what we do all night "¦ it's progressively getting better."

Sam Wheeler is a freelance writer living in Ashland. Email him at

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