Police and fire reports September 24

Thursday 10:36 a.m .— A DMV placard was found. Police tagged and placed in the Lost and Found.

Thursday 6:32 pm .— Police responded to a report of reckless burning on the 200 block of Greenbriar Place.

Thursday 9:22 pm .— Police responded to the 1400 block of Oregon Street, and arrested a male for furnishing alcohol to a minor. He was cited and released. A male minor was cited in possession of alcohol and released.

Friday 12:46 a.m. — Police responded to intersection of Granite and Main streets. An adult male was taken into protective custody and transported to a detox facility.

Friday 2:27 a.m. — Police arrested a female on the intersection of Siskiyou Boulevard and Mountain Avenue after she was found to have a valid warrant for her arrest. The warrant was issued by the Medford Municipal Court for failure to comply on a theft charge. He was lodged in the Jackson County Jail.

Thursday 6:17 p.m. — AFR Responded to an outside fire on the 200 block of Greenbriar Place.

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