Police reports March 12

Wednesday 11:21 a.m. — A woman reported an unauthorized entry into her unlocked vehicle on B Street. Someone rummaged through her vehicle's console and glove compartment, but left behind change in plain view.

Wednesday 2:22 p.m. — Police picked up an abandoned bike on the bus stop at the Plaza on North Main Street. The Specialized Crossroads bike had been cabled to the bench for almost two weeks, and police believe the bike is tied to an earlier report of a possible stolen bike that was gone by the time police could investigate.

Wednesday 2:51 p.m. — Police received a report of an attempted suicide on Ray Lane. A man attempted to end his life with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest.

Wednesday 5:05 p.m. — Police investigated graffiti on a dumpster near the Ashland Outdoor Store.

Wednesday 8:24 p.m. — A woman reported that she was assaulted by a female juvenile on Water and B streets. The case is open and under investigation.

Wednesday 9:19 p.m. — Police impounded a 56-year-old woman's vehicle during a stop for a vehicle equipment violation after discovering that she didn't have valid insurance. The woman was cited for driving uninsured.

Wednesday 11:33 p.m. — Police cited an 18-year-old man for possession of alcohol on Bush Street near Central Avenue.

Thursday 2:25 a.m. — Police cited a 27-year-old woman for driving under the influence of intoxicants on Siskiyou Boulevard and Wightman Street.

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