Police: Stabbing report false

Ashland resident Drai Beveridge told police in October that an acquaintance stabbed him in the leg and took his 3.5 pounds of medical marijuana in a Siskiyou Boulevard parking lot, according to police reports.

But officers now believe Beveridge made the incident up, Ashland Police Chief Terry Holderness said Tuesday.

"We came to conclusion that we can prove that there was no altercation, at least at the location he said, and that his injury was caused by falling," he said.

Officers are unsure why Beveridge claimed Ashland resident Nima Blue stabbed him and stole his pot.

"I have no idea what motivated him," Holderness said.

Beveridge was cited for initiating a false report and the case is being forwarded to the Jackson County District Attorney's office for prosecution, said Detective Rick Spence with the Ashland Police Department.

"When you say that somebody stabbed you, that's a pretty serious allegation," Holderness said.

Both Beveridge and Blue are in their early 20s and have been known to associate with one another, Holderness said.

Officers were suspicious about the incident "from day one," but took months to investigate it because other cases, including a string of sexual assaults, took priority, Holderness said.

"Once we believed that it probably didn't happen, there was no immediate, outstanding danger of this happening to other people, and so this case went on the backburner compared to cases that were more pressing," he said.

The Ashland Police Department receives a few false reports every year, Holderness said. Officers have to assume that every report is accurate until they have reason to believe otherwise, he said.

"Instead of getting to something that really happened in a timely manner, we're essentially wasting the public's tax dollars by putting investigative resources in to something that didn't occur," he said.

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