Potluck to benefit food programs

For the past five years, a local non-profit Christian ministry has been working to feed the poor.

The group, Sons to Glory Men of Thunder Ministries, has been holding weekly potlucks for the homeless community, in Lithia Park. But this Sunday, Oct. 18, the ministry will be adding a special fundraiser to their weekly event.

Following church service at the First Baptist Church in Ashland on Sunday, the Sons to Glory ministry will be holding a fundraiser and appreciation barbecue. The money raised will go toward the purchase of sleeping bags for the poor, and to support the ministry's annual Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

According to Roberta Reagan with Sons to Glory Men of Thunder, the potluck is also on opportunity for the ministry to appreciate the work of emergency responders in the wake of Ashland's Siskiyou Fire last month.

"It's a chance to say thank you to the firefighters, and whoever else was involved in battling the fires," Reagan said.

Firefighters used the First Baptist Church parking lot, located at 2004 Siskiyou Blvd., as a supply station while battling the blaze. The scene on Sunday will be just as busy, with fresh food and live music, including three Christian-themed bands performing throughout the afternoon.

Volunteers from the ministry will be setting up in the church parking lot starting at 11 a.m. Food will be served starting at noon, and members from the community should plan on arriving early.

Reagan said the event is important not only for the ministry, but for the homeless community as well. The non-profit organization relies on support from local residents to make their yearly purchase of winter gear. She said items such as jackets, sleeping bags and long johns become precious commodities as the temperatures dip.

"We see the needs everywhere. We try to do what we can," she said. Those who can manage are encouraged to bring donations to the event.

"We need more funds on a weekly basis," Reagan said.

The Ministry's regular weekly potluck will also be held, starting at 4 p.m. Sunday in Lithia Park. Reagan said the group has not missed a potluck, regardless of the weather, in the five years Sons to Glory has held the event.

Those who cannot attend the potluck, but would like to make a donation for the needy can send their donations to the First Baptist Church of Ashland, care of church secretary Illis Casteel.

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