Property rights rewrite advances in legislature


Lawmakers today put the finishing touches on a measure they plan to submit to Oregon voters this fall to scale back rural development under the Measure 37 property rights law.

The new measure has already been approved by the House but the joint Ways and Means Subcommittee on Natural Resources adopted a series of changes on Thursday that supporters hope will make the plan more appealing to voters.

The measure was approved on a party line vote with Republicans complaining that Democrats were trying to forcer changes through without serious discussion.

According to one of the bill's chief supporters, Sen. Floyd Prozanski, D-Eugene, the 13 amendments are minor changes and maintain the original framework that was the product of a bipartisan work group earlier in the session.

The bill is a rewrite of Measure 37, a law passed by voters in 2004 that requires governments to pay owners for property value lost from land-use restrictions passed after the property was purchased.

If governments don't pay &

and Measure 37 claims against state and local governments have already reached over $10 billion &

they must waive the restriction and allow development.

The new bill creates an "express lane" for claimants who want to build no more than three homes on their property.

For those who wish to build between four and 10 dwellings, they must demonstrate loss of value due to land use regulations equal to or greater than the value of the number of homes they want to build.

A third option would allow property owners who have had claims approved by state and local agencies, and who have made significant investments, to continue development if approved by county agencies.

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