Puss 'N Boots Ball

Puppies, Bert and Ernie, the devil and even a flea-infested cat joined the revelry Saturday at the 18th Annual Puss 'N Boots Ball at the Historic Ashland Armory.

The event gave children and adults a chance to dress up for Halloween while supporting a good cause.

Friends of the Animal Shelter, the nonprofit organization that supports the adoption and animal-welfare programs of the Jackson County Animal Shelter, hosted the event.

FOTAS first hosted a fundraiser similar to the ball in December 1990, raising about $2,000 for supporters of the Jackson County "pound" and the Southern Oregon Humane Society.

The next year, after FOTAS achieved nonprofit status, a volunteer suggested hosting a costume ball fundraiser, later dubbed Puss 'N Boots after a 17th century fairy tale about a cat with magic boots who brought good fortune to his master.

Last year, the ball raised about $24,000 for FOTAS programs such as a medical fund for shelter animals that need special treatment to make them healthy and adoptable. The amount raised on Saturday is not yet known.

For more information about Friends of the Animal Shelter, see fotas.org.

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