Q&A: Becky Alter

Singer, songwriter and guitarist Becky Alter will perform at 7 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 11, at The Playwright, 258 A St. There is no cover charge.

How did you get into music?

Let me go back to when I was born (laughs). But really, I've been making music since I was a little kid. I was always singing and playing classical piano. I had access to a lot of other instruments though, like African drums and marimbas. I grew up in an artistic environment. Rather than going the visual route, I decided to make music. I started writing my own stuff in my teens and college. When I played it, people seemed to want to hear it, so that kept me going with it. I have my own love for it, but playing out is more for others. 

Your last album came out in 2012. Are you working on a new one?

Yeah, that's actually what I'm doing here in Oregon. My style has changed since I put out my last album. That was more indie acoustic and this one is more indie electro. That won't be what I play Saturday, I'm still working out the instrumentation for live performances. I'm doing a lot of different things with my voice and my playing. For now, it'll be a more acoustic-driven set.

Was this change in style intentional or did it just happen?

I think that this style is really more me. Not to say that the older stuff wasn't me and that I don't like it. I think that part of the process of an independent musician, putting out an album, marketing it, going on the road, it made a pretty quick transition for me. This newer music is more along the lines of what I listen to. I also didn't feel limited by an acoustic guitar. The person I recorded with, he could hear that I was trying to do something different. Changing some of the instrumentation — that helped me find what I was looking for. I really hope that this album will open up the doors for new audiences and that those that I want to collaborate with will hear it as well. I'm really excited for it.

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