Q&A Robbie DaCosta

Singer and guitarist Robbie DaCosta, along with some of his musical friends, will play at 8:30 tonight at Paddy Brannan's Irish Pub, 23 S. Second St. There is no cover.

What got you started in music?

I really grew up around music. My dad played guitar and sang and my uncle played drums. My dad didn't play in a band, but he was always singing, so I'd sing along. I started going to the music stores at 15 so that I could learn from the guys there without having to take lessons. What made me want to play music as a living was when I saw The Fabulous Savoys play at a backyard party. When I was 17, my dad and I started The Fabulous Fairlines and played up and down the Pacific Northwest.

What musical projects are you a part of?

My first obligation is to my own stuff, but I'm kind of a gun-for-hire. I love to play around with other groups and spread it around. It's a lot of fun. There's a lot of promise and hope in our music scene. If people come out to support it, it will grow. Our club scene has diminished a bit, but more house parties are popping up to fill the void. The music scene in Ashland is cyclical. I remember when Ashland had a small music scene, and then it exploded again with Alex's. Now it's back down a bit. It ebbs and flows.

What do you try to get out of your shows?

I love the intimacy that comes from smaller crowds. You can get a good sing-along going, and it becomes a bit cathartic. I see myself a bit as a servant to the audience. If there's something that I can do to make their time better, I'll do it — while still doing what I love. Sometimes I bust out that obscure song because I just have to sing it. 

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