Rachel Efron at Paschal Winery

The music of singer, songwriter and pianist Rachel Efron is known for her poetic lyrics and soulful tunes. The 30-year-old Maine native says her music has elements of jazz and pop, while her lyrics are introspective and reflective.

"I call it artistic pop because it's not rock; it's not folk, and it's definitely not jazz," she says.

Efron will play at 7 p.m. Friday, Nov. 6, at Paschal Winery, 1122 Suncrest Road, Talent.

Efron has been a student of classical piano since she was 8 years old. Although her college major was anthropology, she studied music at Harvard University and took jazz piano lessons at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Her major musical inspirations include Tom Waits, Fiona Apple, Tori Amos and Joni Mitchell.

Toward the end of her college years, she decided to try songwriting, as well.

"It was the first time I found my voice in music," she said.

She independently recorded and released her first album, "Say Goodbye," in 2006, and her current album, "4 a.m.," last August. Her 2009 album was produced by Jon Evans, bassist for Tori Amos.Both albums are filled with songs she wrote.

When writing a song, Efron said she draws from her life experiences and things that emotionally move her.

"I think my songwriting evolved a lot since 'Say Goodbye,'" Efron said. "I think the music's a lot more complex, and my voice got stronger."

Her Paschal show is a stop on her first Northwest tour. Last month, she toured the East Coast from Maine to Philadelphia, playing in both jazz and rock clubs.

"I love the freedom of performing live where you don't need to worry about the exact details," she said. "It's more spontaneous expression."

Efron is often accompanied by drummer Jon Arkin and bassist Dan Seiszli. Several of the songs on her albums also include cello, guitar, horn and violin.

"I just have a melody that comes to me and feels beautiful to me," said Efron.

Admission to her performance at Paschal Winery is $10. Call 499-2511.

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