Recall councilor David Chapman

David Chapman is not fit for his job on City Council ("CC") and should be recalled. He is narcissistic, surly, petty, and imperious. He sows dissension, and has proved incapable of working with others constructively toward solving Ashland's problems. I have been present at a meeting where he accused others of "trying to polarize the Council" simply because they disagreed with him. It is Chapman doing the polarizing.

Chapman stormed out of a 03/23 meeting, 7 minutes after the issue of ethics was initiated.

During the public information meetings prior to the last election Chapman showed clear contempt for the process, and eventually stopped attending.

Chapman seconded putting the charter amendment ("ca") on the May ballot. The ca would have allowed developers to purchase part or all of Lithia Park, as well as buy our water for commercial purposes. The ca was defeated by a 77 percent margin.

At the July 17th CC meeting Chapman attempted to shoot down a proposal by Cate Hartzell to fund bus passes for AHS students, apparently because Hartzell had not conferred first with him. After discussion, her proposal was passed unanimously.

At a meeting the next day Hartzell had to leave early. Chapman waited until she was gone and then sprang on the CC an unscheduled proposal to approach the Mount Ashland Association ("MAA") about giving them the special use permit ("sup") they have been seeking.

It has repeatedly been made clear that the majority of Ashlanders oppose the ski area expansion. MAA has repeatedly made clear that they couldn't care less. The SUP is Ashland's last legal bond on MAA before the appeal on the expansion is decided in Circuit Court; which decision looks increasingly bad for MAA. Certainly if put to the public, Chapman's proposal would be roundly rejected. But in a CC lacking Hartzell it passed — to 2. It would otherwise have been a tie. It is unlikely that Mayor Morrison would have broken the tie in Chapman's favor, given the debacle of his last tie-breaking vote on the ca.

In short, Chapman has shown himself to be underhanded and contemptuous of the democratic process. He has been publicly quoted as asserting "democracy doesn't work". Those wishing to join in a petition to recall him may contact me at

Dr. Aaron Corbet


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