Recent rains help fill Lost Creek and Applegate lakes

Oh what a difference one good storm makes to the filling schedule at Lost Creek Lake, Jackson County's largest reservoir.

Sturdy upper Rogue River in-flows helped the lake surge from 10 feet shy of normal two weeks ago to more than 5 feet ahead of its normal filling schedule today, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reported.

The Corps has been aggressively capturing runoff during this February storm series. This morning's flow into the reservoir near Trail was 4,425 cubic feet per second of water, while the releases were bumped up slightly to 928 cfs.

The lake's elevation was listed this morning at 1,845.5 feet above sea level, which is 5.5 feet ahead of normal for today.

The picture is a little less rosy at Applegate Lake, the county's second largest reservoir that has been as much as 38 feet below normal at times this winter.

The lake is listed as 11 feet shy of normal for today, but the Corps continues to capture as much runoff as possible. The flow into the reservoir was 591 cfs this morning, and the out-flow remains 80 cfs.

— Mark Freeman

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