Revamped Green Show hits a high note

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival Green Show has incorporated acts for everyone this year. The festival is mixing it up with a variety of free outdoor performances before the evening's plays. Songwriters and Clown Theater are on the schedule following what has quickly become a popular hip-hop act.

"The hip-hop act is great," said Chicago resident Lauren Turley. "My husband and I come to Ashland every year to see the shows, and while we love the old lineup, this is really refreshing."

This year's new Green Show offers a collection of more than 50 artists performing through Oct. 12 on the OSF bricks &

a makeover that includes a wider variety of both local and national performers, as well as familiar faces from last season.

"This year's Green Show is different than in years past because we now implement a new show each week, instead of the same show all of the time, which used to be the lineup," OSF associate producer Claudia Alick said.

Through informal polls, the Green Show seems to have a much higher local turnout than in the past, partly due to the diversity of acts, Alick said.

"It seems like they're catering to the locals now, as well as the tourists," said Ashland resident Matthew Greer. "It's nice to be able to walk down here with my family and see something new. We really like the variety and it's a nice way to ease into the evening."

The new format is popular with locals and tourists aike.

"The new Green Show has been extremely successful," said Alick.

Artists performing at the Green Show include: Buckworld One: Hip-Hop Theater, a group blending Krump dancing, spoken word, poetry and interactive video projections; David Valdez, saxophonist; The Hobart Shakespeareans, who perform the words of Shakespeare with a rock influence; Anjani's Kathak Dance of India; SOU Brass Quintet; Cherry Blossom Visual Music; Dance Kaleidoscope; Carnival of the Animals with Nutshell Masks and Theater; Sarah Jane Nelson, singer; Mambo Rico; Disco Organica; The Clown Audition &

movement theatre; Hamfist; Jazz Quartet, Opus 4 and 5; and Liquid Fire Mantra.

"I love that we can bring our kids," said Kelly Breaux of Ashland. "Not only is it appropriate, but I hope it is inspiring to them to gather on the bricks and watch the performances. I love that we don't have to see the same show over again, but can come out for different shows. The variety really helps incorporate local residents."

The Green Show is also collaborating with EQ TV, which is scheduled to tape 12 shows and offer a live feed to EQ TV, offering the Green Show national coverage. EQ TV also archives the performances, and they are easily accessible to the public.

This week marks the 55th anniversary of the Green Show. To learn more contact .

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