Rogue Opera

Vocalists Christine Williams, Michael Flaherty, Presila Quinby and Galen Schloming will present a revue, “Berlin to Broadway With Kurt Weill,” at 2 and 8 p.m. Saturday, March 23, in the Mountain Avenue Theatre at Ashland High School, 201 S. Mountain Ave. The shows will celebrate Weill’s works from his days in Berlin writing with poet and playwright Bertolt Brecht to his fame on Broadway. Accompaniment will be provided by pianist Laurie Anne Hunter, bassist Bruce McKern and percussionist Theresa McCoy. Tickets cost $28, $25 for ages 60 and older, and $10 for ages 6 through 21. Tickets may be purchased at Music Coop in Ashland and or by calling 866-967-8167.

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