Rogue Vogue: Talent Evening Market

Among the various al fresco markets, the Talent Evening Market is the mellowest. On Fridays, tents along the lawn of City Hall shade merchants selling locally raised produce and handmade crafts, and browsers, young and old, assemble a quick picnic and listen to live music.

On the last Friday in June, the crowd mingled with an eye and ear out for summer thunderstorms. The morning rain had taken a long pause by the time the Paul Schmeling Trio started to perform jazz standards. On stage, songbird Danielle Kelly of Ashland was wrapped in a stretch dress that accentuated her lithe frame. The dress' teal color complemented her pale blue eyes. Striking a nice chord was a hot pink faux Gerber Daisy in her hair. These kinds of hair fascinators are affordable, available in a variety of styles and are a summer must-have.

Near an outlying tent, Emily Bilderback of Phoenix joked that chasing her toddler was part of her fitness routine. She flexed her arms and smiled, showing her biceps as proof that mothering is an aerobic workout. She also credits her healthy body to a diet of eating locally grown food and nonindustrial meat.

With fuchsia tank top, Capri pants and simple, slip-on Puma sneakers, Bilderback's style could be called "Northwest Sportif." A beautiful mane of alternating blond and red dreadlocks capped her head.

"I didn't start twisting 'em (the dreads) for religious or Rasta reasons," she says, while keeping an eye on her always-moving daughter. "The dreads give me style options that I never had before. Without them, my hair doesn't do anything."

At their booth, local hobby farmers Norma Hawkins and Adrienne Isenberg were doing their part to provide ripe raspberries of uncommon varieties. They decided to work cooperatively, but style-wise, the two are unique. Hawkins dressed the farmer role with Dungaree overalls and a wide-brimmed hat made by Sunday Afternoons in Talent.

Isenberg, bubbling with personality, wanted to add lip gloss before her photo op. She explained her look in between gloss applications and bouncing from left to right in her red, ankle-strapped Mary Janes by El Natralista. Gloss, jump, gloss and jump. "That's me," she exclaims, "La natralistra."

— Troy Brown

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