Rotary Garden harvest nears 2,000 pounds

Close to 2,000 pounds of food harvested from Rotary Club of Ashland Garden

The Rotary Club of Ashland Garden has been harvesting weekly throughout the spring and summer to net 1988 pounds of food so far for the Ashland Emergency Food Bank. This weekend's harvest will likely hike the total to 2,000 pounds. Carrots, green beans and radishes will be harvested this week. The Rotary Garden is prepared, planted and harvested by Ashland Rotary Club volunteers. These volunteers provide 450 hours per year beginning in the spring, all through the summer and into the fall. Each year the Rotary Garden provides much needed fresh vegetables to the Ashland Emergency Food Bank to help those who would otherwise go hungry. Here's a list of the food provided so far this year:

Artichokes 4.0 pounds

Beets 15.5 pounds

Broccoli 27.5 pounds

Cabbage 21.0 pounds

Carrots 28.0 pounds

Chard 18.5 pounds

Cucumber 23.0 pounds

Daikon 19.5 pounds

Eggplant 61.5 pounds

Green beans 110.0 pounds

Kale 37.5 pounds

Onions 432.5 pounds

Peas 90.0 pounds

Peppers 59.0 pounds

Potatoes 164.0 pounds

Pumpkins 258.5 pounds

Radish 19.5 pounds

Spinach 11.5 pounds

Squash 400.0 pounds

Tomatoes 165.5 pounds

Turnips 22.0 pounds

The rotary garden is grown in 4,000 square feet of garden beds. The rotary club of ashland #328 was founded in 1941.

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