RVTV honors top local producers, popular programs

Rogue Valley Television announced the 2010 Community Access Television Awards at an awards ceremony March 12.

"It was another outstanding year for RVTV Public Access," said Nena Heitz, director and administrative manager for the RVTV Multimedia Center.

The awards ceremony was catered by Marilyn Moor and co-hosted by Irene Kai and David Wick.

The Award Winners

Favorite Community Event Program: 2009 Jackson County Fair, Michael D. Fox, Producer

P.A. Camera Operator of the Year: Glen Paris-Stamm

Favorite Spiritual/Religious Series of the Year: Meditation: The Art of Ecstasy, Dr. Gokul Gokani, Producer

Ashland High School Student Producer of the Year: Moz James

The James Ragland Award Winner: Glen Paris-Stamm

P.A. Graphics Operator of the Year: Michael D. Fox

The RVTV SOU Student Staff Member of the Year: Nick Berch

Favorite Medical or Health Related Series of the Year: The Doctor is Listening, Lisa Ameijide, Producer

Favorite Instructional Series of the Year: The Mickey Balloonman Show, Michael D. Fox, Producer

The RVTV Public Access Sponsor of the Year: Giseppi's Pizza

P.A. Audio Operator of the Year: Marty Schulte

The Favorite Art or Entertainment Series of the Year: Southern Oregon Artworld, Marsa Morse, Producer

The RVTV Special Recognition Award: Paul Steinle

Favorite Music Series of the Year: John K. Fox Presents, John K. Fox, Producer

Favorite FPCW/SPCW PSA or Short Subject of the Year: Sasquatch Hunters, Shelly Parker-Binkley, Producer, Fall 09 Josephine County FPCW Class

Favorite Union / Political Series of the Year: DUDES: In Process, Corinne Vieville, Chuck Cheatum & Steve Ryan, Producers

P.A. Studio Producer of the Year: Dr. Gokul Gokani

Favorite PSA or Short Subject of the Year: To the Memory of Michael Jackson, Michael D. Fox, Producer

P.A. Field Producer of the Year: Bill Munsell

Favorite SPCW Class Project of the Year: Soroptimists Strong Girls Strong Women, Winter 2009 SPCW Class

P.A. Director of the Year: Stacy Van Voorhees

Favorite Non-Series — One or Two Time Program: Family Greetings to Our Troops, Ralph Bowman, Producer

Viewer's Choice Award, Favorite Series of the Year: American's for Prosperity, Margaret Goodwin, Producer

Viewer's Choice Award, Favorite Producer of the Year: Margaret Goodwin

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