Sculptor's work on display at Bohemia

From gossamer to galvanized steel, Ellen Wishnetsky-Mueller has combined disparate materials into evocative sculptures.

Her work is on display through June at Bohemia Gallery & Framing, 552 A St., in Ashland's Historic Railroad District.

In "Between the Folds," Wishnetsky-Mueller combines a bent, rested piece of metal with rippling folds of cascading rust-colored felt. Delicate sewing thread with the sheen of embroidery floss loops across the heavy, matte felt like cryptic cursive writing.

The Ashland artist said she finds metal for her sculptures in a steel yard. Some metal pieces are already curved, but Wishnetsky-Mueller said she has to fold and bend some, just as she would fold and bend paper or fabric.

"The folds in metal, to me, are like folds of fabric. The merging of materials is so exciting to me," she said.

Whether it's rusted metal or galvanized steel that still has a silvery surface, Wishnetsky-Mueller said used metal already has a history that is revealed in its patina.

Most of her sculptures are purely abstract, but "Ablution" has the organic form of a splitting pod. The sculpture is crafted of handmade paper and covered in sheer fabric. Frothy, linear whorls of gossamer spill from its interior.

Bohemia Gallery & Framing is also featuring wooden sculptures by artist Christian Burchard and mixed-media, two-dimensional works by Mary Ijichi.

Burchard's dual sculpture "Song of the Bones" is especially intriguing.

Two pieces of madrone rise up, their sides cut laterally into thin sheets of wood that have buckled and twisted, forming irregular wave patterns.

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