Seeking artists of all types

The Tidings Cafe is a unique feature we created for the Ashland community and surrounding region. It's a newsroom mini concert showcasing local and touring talent.

We started the Tidings Cafe on May 1 with internationally acclaimed jazz singer Typhanie Monique, who played the Schneider Museum and Avalon Bar & Grill (Talent, Ore) before ending her whirlwind visit by sharing her masterful skills with a choir class at Ashland High School.

Joining Typhanie on guitar was a local legend, Bil Leonhart, whom we featured in our second installment of the Tidings Cafe.

We're off to a great start and our biggest problem is handling the enormous growth of the project in such a short period of time. So, we've handed some of the duties over to our new Tidings Cafe Talent Scout, Dawn Hatchard. Check out her blog on the front page of or head on over to, where you can create your own profile, join the Tidings Cafe group, upload your own videos and photos and tell the entire Valley who you are and what you do.

We check daily for interesting content to showcase in the newspaper. Some of it ends up on the front page every day! That could be you.

We're shooting the next episode of the Tidings Cafe on Thursday, May 14. To find out how you can watch it live in our newsroom, go to and check out the Tidings Cafe group.

And if you've got talent (singer, musician, dancer, thespian, comedian, artist, sculptor, etc), contact the Tidings Cafe Talent Scout, Dawn Hatchard. She's available on CONNECTASHLAND.COM.

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