Small is best in SCC

The Ashland volleyball team received five first-team all-Southern Sky Conference selections, including conference player of the year Niki Small.

The senior was joined on the first team by sophomore teammate Piper Cantrell and seniors Callie McCoy, Hayley Ross and Ila Sturges.

Senior Liz Westmoreland and junior Samantha Boehnke were honorable mention for the Grizzlies.

Ashland's Jodee Scott was tabbed the coach of the year.

Southern Sky Conference All-Stars

First Team — Niki Small, Ashland; Piper Cantrall, Ashland; Callie McCoy, Ashland; Hayley Ross, Ashland; Ila Sturges, Ashland; Taylor Mackey, Crater; Kristin Wyatt, Eagle Point.

Player of the Year — Niki Small, Ashland.

Coach of the Year — Jodee Scott, Ashland.

Second Team — Dennae Grant, Crater; Kayla Hopkinson, Crater; Paolina Durighello, Mazama; Paige Holloway, Klamath Union; Celina Keane, Klamath Union; Christine McCready, Eagle Point; Victoria Rivera, Mazama.

Honorable Mention — Samantha Boehnke, Ashland; Liz Westmoreland, Ashland; Jaimee Boskovich, Crater; Renee Murphy, Crater; Hannah Mason, Eagle Point; Tristyn Trelease, Klamath Union; Mariah Willy, Mazama; Deanndra Mageo, Mazama.

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