Smoke drifts in from fires near Happy Camp

Smoke drifting into the Rogue Valley is from fires burning near Happy Camp, Calif., National Weather Service officials said.

The Goff fire, 10 miles northeast of Happy Camp, was started at noon Friday, Aug. 3, by a lightning strike. It has burned 15 acres, but has a high potential for growth, according to, a website providing public information about wildfires. The fire is difficult to fight as it is in a remote location that took firefighters over six hours to reach hiking, the site said.

The Dillon Creek fire, 15 miles southwest of Happy Camp, was contained Tuesday at 318 acres, but tree stumps and downed timber continue to smolder, reported.

Smoke from the fires is drifting from Northern California, propelled by 15 to 20 mph winds at elevations of 8,000 feet higher coming out of the south, the weather service reported.

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