Some meals tax opponents' assertions don't check out

Opponents of the meals tax have published a pamphlet that states, "If the Meals Tax is removed, our sewer bills will not increase more than a few dollars per month ... per household!"

If the tax is not renewed and sewer bills are raised to cover the lost revenue, a typical two-person household would see its sewer bill increase from $16.18 per month to $25.88, a $9.70 increase. The monthly bill for a typical four-person family would rise from $21.02 to $33.64, a $12.62 increase, city officials have said.

Meals tax opponents also said at a press conference on Wednesday that the average citizen pays about $10.60 per month in meals taxes.

At its peak in the 2006-2007 fiscal year, the meals tax brought in $1.99 million according to city records.

Divided by the Ashland population of 21,630 in 2007, the average resident would have paid $7.66 per month in meals taxes — if Ashland residents, instead of residents and visitors, were the only ones to pay the tax.

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