SOU criminal justice students learn from the professionals

A mock police lockdown at Southern Oregon University gave students hands-on experience in police tactics on Friday afternoon.

Officers from the Medford SWAT team, the Medford police department and the Jackson County Sheriffs Office instructed students during the 11th annual Crim Club "Lock Down"

The officers instructed students in self defense, the use of air powered Talc guns and active fire room sweeps. Some students even volunteered to find out what it was like to be tazed. "I did it to see what it felt like," said senior communications major Khrista Gaylord. "How many people that aren't criminals can say that they have been tazed?"

Students participating in the Active Shooter exercise learned how to sweep a room for "the bad guy."

Receiving fire arms safety instructions and putting on protective face gear and carying "blue" Glocks loaded with practice rounds, the students did a room-by-room search. More than 50 rounds were expended when the "bad guy" was located.

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