SOU percussion groups present 'Strings Attached'

The Southern Oregon University Percussion Ensembles, under the direction of Terry Longshore, will present "Strings Attached" at 7:30 p.m. today in the Southern Oregon University Music Recital Hall.

The SOU Percussion Ensemble will perform Erik Griswold's "Strings Attached," a work for six snare drummers whose sticks are attached by strings to a 10-foot pole in the middle of the stage, or to each other's sticks. The piece blurs the boundary between aural and visual perception of music, with the eyes and ears both delighting in this sonic landscape.

Compás will present Christopher Deane's "Vespertine Formations" for marimba quartet, a work inspired by the composer's chance observation of flock maneuvers of a huge number of birds, their wing motions, and their fantastic choreography of movement. Compás will also perform "3 Marimbas" by Luis Rivera, a piece inspired by the compositional techniques of minimalist icons Philip Glass and Steve Reich, and marimba duo "Departures" by French composer Emmanuel Séjourné.

Also featured will be "Double Music," co-composed by John Cage and Lou Harrison. A percussion quartet, "Double Music" is unique in that Cage and Harrison each composed two of the four players' parts; however, they composed them independently and then put them together to form the entire work. All of the instruments are made of metal and include brake drums, cowbells, Swiss cowbells, elephant bells, gongs, tam-tams, water gong, sistra, temple bells, and thundersheet.

Other works will include Luis Rivera's percussion duo "Paschal's Motor Rhythms," N. Scott Robinson's "Trio for Ogun," and Zimbabwean marimba composition "Amaxoxo/Rainforest" by Alport Mhlanga/Michael and Osha Breez.

The concert will close with the dada-inspired work "48 Objects" by Stanford University composer Mark Applebaum in which 16 performers each choose three objects, their 'musical instruments' on which to perform explicitly timed events based on a musical score employing numbers of events to be performed in five-second intervals.

Tickets for this performance are $5 for general admission and free for students. Tickets and season passes may be purchased by calling 541-552-6101 or at the Music Box Office prior to the performance. For more information, please visit Southern Oregon University's Music website at

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