SOU student hit on boulevard

Michael Emmert was crossing Siskiyou Boulevard on his way to his second day of classes at Southern Oregon University when his semester, and his hip, were altered by a Toyota SUV.

The SUV struck Emmert as he was crossing near Palm Street, causing him to roll on top of the hood and back onto the road before he was taken to Rogue Valley Medical Center in Medford. He suffered a broken hip and other injuries, and will be in the hospital for an extended stay.

"It's important, especially in a college town, that drivers pay particular attention to cross walks," Deputy Police Chief Rich Walsh said this morning. "That area is highly travelled by SOU students."

Another car stopped for Emmert at the cross walk, leading police to believe the SUV driver was at fault. Because they have not been able to attain a statement from Emmert yet, charges are still pending but Walsh said the 17-year-old SUV driver will likely be charged with failure to yield to a pedestrian at a cross walk.

"We're still waiting to interview [Emmert] because he wasn't lucid enough at the scene of the accident to talk," Walsh said.

He added that police believe the driver was obeying the speed limit, which is 30 miles per hour.

Officer Steve MacLennan said, while in this instance the driver was at fault, it is not uncommon for the pedestrian to cause the accident.

"The pedestrian has an equal responsibility to make sure road is clear," he said, noting that often students are in a rush to get to class. "You have to stop, look and make sure you are able to cross safely without causing an accident."

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