State assessment lists schools that excel, those that need help

The Eagle Point School District recorded highs and lows in a state review of the performance of high poverty schools, with one of its schools listed as exemplary and a second landing in the bottom 15 percent of the rankings.

Oregon Superintendent of Public Instruction Rudy Crew announced today that the state has identified 95 Oregon schools that will receive additional support and interventions from the state to help increase student achievement and close persistent achievement gaps.

Identification of these schools is one component of Oregon's new accountability system approved last month by the U.S. Department of Education. Oregon's new system replaces the former mandates imposed by the federal No Child Left Behind law.

In the report, Shady Cove Elementary School was recognized as a model school for performing in the top 5 percent of high poverty schools statewide. Ashland's John Muir wilderness school also was one of the 27 high poverty schools recognized for high performance.

Little Butte Elementary School, now known as Hillside Elementary, was listed as a "focus" school, which means it finished in the bottom 15 percent in academic areas of the state's high poverty schools.

The new system ranks schools as "priority," which includes the bottom 5 percent, along with focus and model schools. No other schools in Jackson or Josephine counties were on any of the lists.

The schools on the priority and focus lists will be asked to analyze the areas in which the schools and districts are struggling and develop improvement plans. The model schools will be asked to share best practices and assist other schools.

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