Storm peters out before it reaches Rogue Valley

A cold front that could have brought freezing rain to the Rogue Valley fell apart without delivering its icy punch.

A freezing rain advisory issued Thursday by the Medford office of the National Weather Service expired at 7 a.m. as temperatures warmed above freezing.

"We had no reports of freezing rain," meteorologist Sven Nelaimischkies said. He said light amounts of freezing rain likely fell in isolated areas, but after a week of snow and frigid temperatures, people probably didn't even call in such a minor event.

Temperatures will continue to warm today and through the weekend, with highs hitting the mid 40s in coming days.

"It will melt a little bit every day," Nelaimischkies said.

Nighttime temperatures still will dip below freezing, potentially returning icy conditions to roadways.

The weak cold front also failed to clear out air that was trapped in valleys.

"This air went right over the top," Nelaimischkies said.

Without significant mixing between warmer upper level air and cooler air near the ground, pollution will continue to build in the Rogue Valley. Nelaimischkies said meteorologists are coordinating with air-quality officials to decide whether an air stagnation advisory will be issued later today.

— Anita Burke

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