Student musicians honored

Several local school musicians performed with the All-State Middle School Honor Band and Honor Orchestra on Jan. 25. Their participation was made possible through the Oregon Music Educators Association annual conference, held each year in Eugene.

Students are chosen for the honor groups through a nomination process involving band directors from more than 60 middle schools, with each one sending in a list of their top ten students.

Performing with the Honor Band were Tiffany Tubbs (Ashland Middle School) and Leah Wessler (Siskiyou School) on clarinet, Quinn Sargent (Siskiyou School) on trumpet, Garrett Little (Willow Wind Community Learning Center) on tenor saxophone and Taylor Wood (Ashland Middle School) on percussion. Elana Cooper (Ashland Middle School), playing in the first violin section, was chosen for the honor orchestra .

Students were recommended by their teacher, Jenifer Carstensen, for these groups based on their musical talent, their dedication to practicing their instrument on a regular basis while maintaining high expectations for themselves, their leadership during their school rehearsals and their overall level of maturity and trustworthiness.

The students spent a day and a half rehearsing their music with their honor groups before performing in a Gala Concert at the Hult Center, in Eugene, for an audience filled with music educators from around the state.

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