Students show skills in Rail Jam

Southern Oregon University students are celebrating Snow Fiesta, a week of activities on campus and the Southern Oregon region.

The Rail Jam, a freestyle snowboard and ski competition on campus, was held Monday. Snowboarders and skiers competed on snow trucked down from Mt. Ashland and placed on the Britt lawn.

The event was held under clear, sunny skies, and the warm temperatures and quickly melting snow added more mud into the mix.

Covered with melted snow, sweat and mud, the riders took to the ramps and preformed rail slides and flips and tricks to the enjoyment of the crowd.

One trick that could only be called a rail straddle brought groans from those gathered for the festivities.

Tuesday saw the Winter Fashion Show at Elmo's Diner, featuring clothing and gear from Aedion Aesthetics and Mt. Shasta Base Camp, and the Mardi Gras Dance to celebrate Fat Tuesday in Diversions Night Club.

On Wednesday, there was a movie in Elmo's Diner and a Rings of Fire at the SU Courtyard.

The Winter Wonder Jam, including a carnival in the SU

basement, a hypnotist in the Rogue River Room and After Hours Jazz Lounge in the Diversions Night Club were among Thursday's activities.

Today there will be ice skating at Lithia Park.

Snow Fiesta wraps up Saturday with a day at Mt. Ashland and Crater Lake snowshoeing.

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