Susan Roudebush: Helping students plan for the future

Susan Roudebush creates career development software that helps students plan their futures. She works remotely from her Ashland home as a University of Oregon faculty member, serving career guidance leaders across the United States and internationally.

Organizers of the Ashland High School Parent Academy invited Roudebush to speak tonight at a free presentation on career and college planning.

Her talk is intended to be useful for students of any age and their parents.

One of the focuses will be the Internet-based Oregon Career Information System, known as CIS, which is administered by the College of Education at the University of Oregon.

This program offers students information about occupations and industries, postsecondary programs and schools, scholarships and financial aid.

Students create a CIS portfolio in their advisory classes to help them target their goals, store career assessments and share pertinent information with colleges and employers.

Roudebush has lived in Ashland for 14 years, after moving here from Portland. She conducts research for the University of Oregon and leads national trainings for CIS state operators.

She also is a Global Career Development Facilitator instructor and trainer, which are international credentials in career development.

She earned bachelor's degrees in speech and hearing sciences and in psychology, and a master's degree in counseling and student personnel services, with a concentration on college career counseling, from Purdue University. She undertook three years of doctoral studies in school psychology at the University of Oregon.

In 2003, she consulted with the University of Ankara in Turkey to establish a new graduate degree program that united its business management-personnel program with the career counseling program. These new graduates, she says, were needed for the evolving democratic society.

What are three points you want people to remember from your talk tonight?: College and career readiness is important to cultivate in high school. Parental support and leadership in college and career selection is key, and anyone can attend postsecondary school with the right information and support.

How do you first introduce yourself to your audience?: My mission is to inspire career development. I am an investigative, artistic and entrepreneurial person.

What fact about your subject gets your audience's attention?: When people identify the skills they love to use, they typically find their direction.

What are your favorite aspects about Ashland?: My favorite aspects are near Ashland: I love the biodiversity I find in the Soda Mountain Wilderness, I relax with the western pond turtles floating the Klamath River with my loved ones, and I am blessed with wonderful and supportive friends here in Ashland.

What do you like to do in Ashland during your time off?: Sing with the Southern Oregon University's Jazz Ensemble and the Jefferson State Choral Coalition, which will perform this weekend in the Music Recital Hall on the SOU campus. Also, sing in the Trinity Episcopalian Choir, hike in the watershed with my friends and dog Jackson, bike, quilt with my women's quilting group, play mindless Bunco with 12 extraordinary women, and seek Ashland's best microbrew.

What do you still have on your bucket list?: Hike New Zealand with my son Parker; spend a year making lace and perfecting my Italian on the island of Burano; live in the Montserrat, Spain, monastery until I discover inner peace; hike the Dolomites with the man of my dreams.

How can we learn more about you?:

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