Talent police release photo of suspect in car break-ins

A home security camera caught an image of someone Talent police suspect has rummaged through two dozen cars on recent nights.

The mini crime spree in Talent started Sunday night when 22 unlocked vehicles were entered and rummaged through, police said.

"We had a couple more today ... we're up to 24," said Talent Police Chief Mike Moran. "It's kind of a friendly, small town, but we do have crime here unfortunately.

"We are really encouraging people to remember to lock their doors."

Nearly all of the reports came from subdivisions on the southwest side of town between Rapp and Wagner Creek roads, he said.

Most of the victims reported the contents of their glove boxes out of order, but not many items were reported stolen, Moran said. A wallet, a radar detector and an iPod reportedly were taken, but many valuable items were overlooked or left behind.

"It looks like they were mostly after cash," he said.

The suspects are making their rounds primarily in the early morning hours, Moran said.

"This time of year is kind of a criminal's favorite time for crime because there is no one out, it's too cold and the hours of darkness are longer," Moran said.

Moran said police are investigating the incidents, all of which are believed to be related.

Moran said the recent spike is surprising, considering that during the last three months of 2013 there were only three similar reports filed.

"For Talent this is a large number," he said.

— Sam Wheeler

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