Taste of the New Year

On New Year's Eve, revelers in Ashland won't just celebrate the start of 2009 — they'll toast to the end of 2008, said Marty Morlan, owner of Macaroni's/Martino's Restaurant & Bar.

"It's the start of the New Year and the end of an old year, and people like to celebrate on both behalves," Morlan said Monday. "Usually everybody's happy to get rid of the old and bring in the new."

The restaurant and bar is one of many in town that will stay open late tonight.

Like many Ashland hot spots, Macaroni's, the restaurant, and Martino's, the lounge — both located at 58 E. Main St. — will offer once-a-year specials.

Morlan and crew will hand out free bottles of champagne to diners as the clock winds toward midnight, and will serve dinner specials such as Spaghetti Carbonara, a dish from Tuscany made with cream sauce, bacon, peas and green onions.

Although the eatery will serve free champagne, waiters will be wary of pouring too much for people who have to drive home, Morlan said.

"We'll have to watch that people don't drink too much and have to drive, so that they get home safely," he said.

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