Tease hosts evening sketch sessions

Gabriel Mark paused to take a sip of draft beer and then continued to sketch a live model posing at Tease Restaurant & Bar in downtown Ashland.

He said the drawing session at the restaurant was different than the usual experience of sketching a model in an art studio.

“You can drink beer and carouse with your friends. It feels more metropolitan,” Mark said, in-between trading jokes with artist and sculptor Kevin Christman, who was drawing beside him along with four other artists perched on sketching benches. “It has a different vibe in a bar than in an art studio.”

The Tuesday evening sketch session, which lasted from 4 to 7 p.m., kicked off the beginning of sessions that will take place at Tease on the first and third Tuesday of each month.

“This restaurant and bar is trying to present an opportunity and a venue for all forms of art and culture in Ashland,” said Tease co-creator Julie O'Dwyer. “Sometimes that means music and sometimes that means art on the walls. The next step is to create art here.”

(Read the rest of this story in Thursday's paper — online after 1 pm)

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