Teen runs away from girls home

A 16-year-old girl ran away Sunday from the Lithia Springs Girls Home on Siskiyou Boulevard, police said.

Officers have no reason to believe the incident is related to a recent string of runaway cases at the Lithia Springs Boys Home, said Lt. Corey Falls with the Ashland Police Department.

The girl fled the home, which is across from Ashland High School, at 9:51 a.m., according to the police report. She may have been picked up by a parent who is believed to live in Klamath Falls, Falls said. As of Monday afternoon, she had not been located, police said.

Two boys who ran away from the boys home at 12:15 a.m. Tuesday also are still missing, according to police.

Fourteen boys have fled the 13-bed facility this year. Sunday's incident marks the first time a girl has run away from the girls home this year.

On Thursday, two runaway boys were arrested after they stole a gun, hunting knives and a truck from two residences outside Ashland.

As a result of the incidents at the boys home, youth authority officials said they will not send any more boys there until they confer later this week with Community Works, which runs the home.

All of the boys, age 13 to 18, have committed low-level crimes and have been given clearance from the youth authority to attend a non-lockdown treatment program.

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