The Bad Film Society celebrates its 8-year, 5-month anniversary

Yes, The Bad Film Society crashed to Earth eight years and five months ago in November, 2000. It was a kinder and gentler time, an innocent time, before 9/11, before the atomic bomb, before the Peloponnesian War. To celebrate, The Bad Film Society will recreate that first joyous event on Sunday at 6 p.m. downstairs in The Ashland Elks' Dungeon!

No film since that first night has compared with the audaciously appalling dreadfulness of that first feature, "Frankenstein Meets The Space Monster," from 1965. Super-hot Martian Princess Marcuzan and her bald effeminate dwarf assistant Nadir travel to Puerto Rico to kidnap fertile female specimens to repopulate their dying planet. Meanwhile, android Captain Frank Saunders becomes Frankenstein, a hideously disfigured kill-crazed astro-robot when the Martians shoot down his space capsule. Go-going bikini girls from a wild poolside party are rescued when scientists rewire Frank to battle a horrible alien mutant! A not-to-be-missed masterpiece!

Plus, archivist Steven Mayerson will screen a review of the best-of-the-best worst-of-the-worst shorts from past shows.


Also stay tuned the second chapter of the serial, "Tiger Woman," from 1944. Evil oil speculators in South America attempt to drive away an exotic native tribe and their hot queen, the Tiger Woman "¦ but she's a white woman and might be the lost heiress to a vast fortune! Actually, The Tiger Woman wore a leopard-spotted outfit because the studio couldn't find any tiger patterned fabric! It's a howler!

Members should bring some great food for a scrumptious potluck dinner before the feature. Some bottom feeders just come for the great food! It sure beats dumpster diving!

The entrance to the Ashland Elks is on Will Dodge Way (the alley between E. Main and Lithia Way and 1st and 2nd Sts.) You'll see the "Elks Dining" sign. The private Elks parking lot will be open for use. To park, enter on 2nd St. There is a $3 donation requested to cover the costs of the room rental and supplies.

This is a unique opportunity for the public to enter the hallowed and prestigious portals of the very ritzy and exclusive Ashland Elks Lodge! (Ask how to join!)

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