The Bad Film Society's Sleaze Nite At Stillwater celebrates homecoming with 'The Cheerleaders'

Grab a beer and celebrate Southern Oregon University's homecoming week by huddling with "The Cheerleaders," a notorious, '70s-era, cheesecake sexploitation comedy, on Wednesday at 8:30 p.m., when the Bad Film Society presents Sleaze Nite at Stillwater.

"The Cheerleaders" created a barrage of imitations, none even remotely as good as the original. When a reluctant virgin joins the school cheerleading squad, she's welcomed into their wild, liberated world. The seemingly retarded school janitor is really the local drug dealer, pimp and bookie. The fix is in on the season's big game, and the sexy squad has a plan to suck out the energy of the entire opposing team. Can the girls help their school win the championship?

This was made back when adult films were sweet and filled with lots of goofy humor. If you liked the shower scene in "Porky's," here's a whole movie's worth!

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Stillwater is at 1951 Highway 66. The event is free for ages 21 and over.

Stillwater serves great food and alcohol! The pulled-pork sandwich is awesome!

Look for the next Bad Film Society event at the Elks close to Halloween!

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