The campus through the years

Campus Timeline

1849 — The Territorial Legislature passes a law to establish a system of common schools.

1854 — Jackson County appoints a superintendent and designated county school districts with Ashland being No. 5. Classes are conducted for three years in Ashland homes.

1857 — District No. 5 School Board is elected and classes move to a schoolhouse, later called the Sheldon House, near the current fire station.

1860 — The first school is built at a cost of $596. It is a one-room, single-story building at the bottom of Gresham Street. In 1869, another room is added.

1872 — Ashland Academy is built on North Main Street between Laurel and Manzanita streets, on the current Briscoe ArtWing site. It houses the high school from 1890 to 1904.

1886 — The North School is built at a location between Coolidge and Nursery streets.

1889 — The first high school classes are held at the North School. The next year, the high school is moved to the Academy building. The class of 1891 — three students — is the first graduating class.

1894 — The Alumni Association forms with 34 graduates.

1904 — The West Side School (later Washington Grade School) is completed on the old Academy site and houses the high school and primary grades. It is demolished in 1948-49 to make room for Briscoe School.

1911 — A new high school is built in the Alamo mission architecture style on Mountain Avenue and Iowa Street.

1953 — An addition to the high school is completed and a physical education building is constructed. Ninth-graders attend the high school.

Sources: Patrick Simpson (class of 1958), Tim McCartney (class of 1958), Kay Atwood, Janelle Davidson, Giles S. Green, Arthur Kreisman, Margaret Nesheim, Marjorie O'Harra.

Ivan Collver (class of 1958) manages most of the AHS alumni websites that are on

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