The Devil Makes Three in Ashland

The Devil Makes Three returns to Ashland Wednesday, March 24, to present its mix of punk, hillbilly, bluegrass, blues, ragtime, country and gospel.

"It's an amalgamation," says the trio's stand-up bassist, Lucia Turino. "We can't limit ourselves to just one genre. It's all too good."

The Devil Makes Three, based in Santa Cruz, Calif., will kick off a new tour with four shows in The Golden State, before playing the show in Ashland, two shows at the WOW Hall in Eugene, two in Washington and then on to perform in four provinces in Canada.

The Canadian shows are a first for the group, which will visit British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

"We're looking forward to becoming an international band," Turino says. "We're in the middle of wading through paperwork and permits. These are things that must be done for good reasons. We've just never had any experience with them."

Turino, along with bandmates Pete Bernhard and Cooper McBean on guitar, are originally from Vermont. They knew each other through mutual friends attending small high schools in the southern part of the state. "Some of our friends used to go to Montreal because the drinking age limit was lower," Turino confesses. "But this will be a first for us."

It was Canadian fans who spurred The Devil Makes Three to perform above the U.S. border.

"Many of them e-mailed us," Turino says. "Maybe our next album will be called 'The Great White North.' "

After the shows in Canada, The Devil Makes Three will drop into Midwestern U.S. states to play four shows with a Minnesota-based string band, Trampled by Turtles.

"That will be big for us," Turino says. "They play a more traditional style of bluegrass. They're a good fit for us, and we'll play more shows with them in the future."

The Devil Makes Three will bring Mad Cow String Band from Davis, Calif., to its shows in California, Oregon and Washington. Fiddler Andy Lentz of Mad Cow played on Three's last album, "Do Wrong Right."

"We get to play with a lot of friends on this trip," Turino says. The trio's Seattle show will feature Portland-based junk blues duo Hillstomp.

Turino had left Vermont and was studying animal science at UC Davis when Bernhard and McBean followed her to California.

"Pete and Cooper had been playing guitar together for awhile," Turino says. "They were talking about adding a stand-up bass player, and I asked 'Why not teach me?' There was a girl in my high school who played stand-up bass, and I thought it was something I'd like to try."

Turino never thought that playing with The Devil Makes Three would turn into a full-time occupation. "But it was just so much fun," Turino says. "At first, it was a lot of hard work to garner fans. We had to get out and play lots of shows before anyone caught on to us. Now, we have a big following in Ashland and other cities. We love it."

Tickets for the show at the Historic Ashland Armory cost $15 and are available at and at the show. Doors open at 7 p.m. The show is open to all ages.

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