The gospel of global warming

"When one person suffers from a delusion, it is called insanity. When many people suffer from a delusion it is called religion" &

Robert Persig

Witness Ye:

This incident HR is absorbed into mechanical motion of molecules, as some sentient sunbathers could attest. It accounts for by far the majority of heat on earth; despite our ongoing efforts.

The (absolute) CO2 concentration on Mars is at least 30 times what it is on earth, even though Mars has only a hundredth the atmosphere. I propose we send Al Gore back to Mars to study its "greenhouse effect" ("GE").

The HR absorptive power of H2O is many times that of CO2. The concentration of H2O in our atmosphere is over 60 times that of CO2. Jumping Jackrabbits! We'd better start pumping this stuff into outer space! God knows what it's been doing to the environment!

I recently stuffed a pitcher full of dry ice and shined a heat lamp through it. I discovered the astounding result that if I walked around the table and shined the lamp through the other side, I got exactly the same heat attenuation! I would never have guessed this if I hadn't done the experiment! I expect the AAAS peer-reviewed flagship journal "Science" to devote an entire issue to this, because everyone knows how smart those guys are.

But not to fear: the Scripture has stout protection in Ashland. Some have had the personal revelation that GE is actually the same as what goes on in plant hothouses! They launch rabid personal attacks against all infidels, and assiduously try to keep their heresies from seeing print. But more important, the mystics, who don't give a fig about reality, but rather find fulfillment in mantras, and self-actualization, and oneness, most keep this gospel going.

Dr. Aaron Corbet

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