The naked truth

My name is Jennifer Moss, a.k.a the "Naked Lady." I am a social activist and folks call me Earth Friend Jen: Mother Earth's little helper! By the way, I did not move to Ashland because of its liberal public nudity laws &

that was just icing on the cake. I moved here because of it's conscious community, it's close proximity to sacred Mt. Shasta and overall beauty.

I do not read the "infotainment" written by the associated press or watch "hellavision," but I've heard that some folks are calling me an exhibitionist. They're right! I am an exhibitionist.

I exhibit life transformation.

Unfortunately, the current unsustainable and self-enslaved system teaches people to fearfully follow the present world powers that know that humans &

who are ashamed of their own bodies and essential life functions (sex) &

are easily controlled and dominated. They want you to be distracted and disempowered by hypocritical judgement, jealousy, and fear.

I am a social artist and I represent a living Rorschach inkblot test. Everyone sees something different depending on their own state of mind and level of awareness.

Actually, we are all exhibitionists. Why do women wear makeup (most makeup actually robs the skin of its natural beauty)? Or color their hair with toxic chemicals? Or paint their nails with poison paint? Why do people care what they wear and what they look like? Why do people wear clothes made with tons of toxic pesticides and dyes?

Everyone is an exhibitionist. But what are you really exhibiting, ignorance or awareness? Are you clothing yourself with consciousness or corruption?

Clothing is commonly made in sweat shops using child slave labor and it's estimated that up to 10 billion pounds of poison &

pesticides, insecticides, and dyes are used by the clothing industry each year. So concerned parents, what are you clothing your children with?

Just like beautiful peacocks making their sacred sounds and displaying their divine feathers, we were born to exhibit our godly splendor. Misinformation from the Judeo-Christian religions has taught people false humility and body shame. We were created in God's likeness and just like God (nature) every single part of our being is sacred and holy. Nudity is natural and does not equal sex. How people relate to their human body is either healthy or harmful.

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Jennifer Moss

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