The O-zone

My son, Devon, was filled with joy when I told him he could come with me to the Obama event. It was a full house at the Kids Unlimited gym. At the end of the event, Obama walked the perimeter of the stage to shake hands with people. Devon wanted so bad to shake Obama's hand and ask for an autograph, but we were unable to reach him because everyone in front of us had the same goal. At this point, Devon was very upset and frustrated. "I just want his autograph, Dad," he said. I felt bad because I was unable to help my child. We ran under the bleachers hoping to reach the exit and, when we got to the doors, Obama was not there, and the tears started. At that point, I said to myself, "Please notice this child crying." Seconds later, the Secret Service people walked over to us and asked us to move. So I looked down at Devon and I said, "Well, let's go, bud," and right as I turned away I heard, "What's wrong with him?" I looked back and, sure enough, it was Obama asking about my son. I responded, "He wanted your autograph and your body guards said no." Obama smiled and shook my hand and gave Devon an autograph. We will always remember that day.

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