The O-Zone

The year was 1989. Ashland's football team was on its way to setting a school record, but first they had to beat Roseburg. Jason Williams and Kenny Cobb wanted to do something big and unusual to support their team along with showing school sprit.

At — a.m. on Sept. 15, 1989, the two started their three-hour project with a ladder, a duffle bag filled with spray paint, masking tape and their night watchman, Kevin Idner.

When I asked Williams and Cobb if the painting was random, they both confirmed it was a well-thought-out project. Cobb sketched the Grizzly on paper during his classes that week.

The two decided on the Physical Education Building over several other options, mainly because the administration would not be able to paint over the artwork that day, and the lines at the ticket both would be so long that people would have to take notice. They used paper bags to cover some of the lights and, with night watchman Idner in place, they started masking out the areas to paint.

Idner fell asleep while on watch duty, and the two were startled by a drunken passerby. The man yelled out to Cobb and Williams, "Nice work. I graduated from Ashland." The noise woke up Idner and, because Cobb and Williams painted the face mask from the ground up, it was difficult to tell what it was. Right then and there the three agreed to never reveal who did the painting.

After a few minutes they finished the painting. Talks of punishment and fines reinforced the agreement to never reveal who did the mural. Cobb and Williams hope a place is set aside for them on the new building.

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