The Pimps of Joytime pump up Ashland dance crowd

The Pimps of Joytime, based out of Brooklyn, N.Y., played Tuesday night at Stillwater.

Although they were scheduled to begin at 9 p.m., there was not much of audience to play for until the Pimps mounted the stage at about a quarter after 10. To the Pimps' obvious joy, the floor was soon flooded with dancers, who appeared at just the right time. No one had to force their body to move; in fact it was impossible to resist the beats that flooded the room. I found myself recording video while bouncing to the music, only to realize that I would have to be still for a few minutes at least if I was to get a clear picture.

Lead singer Brian J (that is his full name) easily had people in the crowd making noise, raising their hands up high and singing back at him.

"To me, it's just music. We just do what we love. We don't get too caught up in what genre we're messing around with," Brian J said in an interview after warming up before the show.

"Sometimes we're all moving to the same thing and it's like — it's — it's harmony," percussionist and vocalist Chauncey Yearwoood said. "So that's life, you know. It's a reflection of real life that way."

The Pimps' music can be described as "soul music infused with funk, Latin and Afrobeat." In addition to Brian and Chauncey, they have Mayteana Morales doing vocals, percussion and the sampler, and Hagar Ben Ari playing bass and singing vocals, as well. Dylan Fusillo just started drumming with the Pimps.

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