The Rogue Suspects at Callahan's Lodge

The Rogue Suspects' regular lineup is back together this weekend for two shows at Callahan's Lodge near Ashland.

"The band does more than a 100 gigs a year," says Greg Frederick, who plays fretless bass. "Whenever a member needs time off to explore other projects, we call on a group of honorary Suspects to sit in with us."

The band's core players include guitarist Dirk Price, drummer David Bolen, Dean Angermeier on keys, vocalist Shae Johnson and guitarist Jeff Pevar — when he's available.

Pevar is a hired gun whose career includes recording and touring stints with artists such as Crosby, Stills and Nash, Phil Lesh and Friends, Marc Cohn, Joe Cocker, Michael Ruff and countless others. Pevar will work with Ricky Lee Jones for her spring and summer shows in the United States and Europe.

"Dirk manages an online music school, and he's been working with Celtic-folk duo Gypsy Soul," says Frederick. "Dean is a private music teacher. He's been working in Hawaii with guitarist and songwriter Jeff Gordon. David is an award-winning self-help author, and Shae's been in Los Angeles recording demos. And we all know about Jeff's career ... "

Frederick is an independent producer who's just finished work on three documentaries that will air this spring on PBS. Two of the films showcase the Oregon Caves National Monument and Oregon Caves Chateau in Southern Oregon. The other is a historical documentary for the City of Medford's 125th anniversary.

While filming the documentaries, Frederick and KOBI's Pilot Rock Productions videotaped Pevar performing in the Ghost Room of the national monument.

"We placed mics next to Jeff and around the cave to capture sounds made by dripping water," says Frederick. "Each sound had a different tone because of the nonlinear interior of the cave.

"We told Jeff to play what he heard and felt. He was inspired by the cave's ambience and wrote the music on the spot."

Pevar used a six-string and mandicello to create improvisational acoustic music to be used in Frederick's film. A DVD and CD, tentatively titled "Music From the Caves," will be ready in May. See or

Frederick and Price formed the Suspects 14 years ago. The original lineup included drummer Dave McClure, keyboard player David Swan and vocalist Brian Longley.

"The band's sound was bluesier then," says Frederick. "And Brian was a human jukebox. We used to play stump-the-band for tequila with the audience ... back in the day."

Guitarist Joe Diehl, keyboard player Don Hariss and vocalist Bret Levick have become regular, first-call musicians with the band, along with horn players Rico Salas, Jim King and Gary Nelson.

"With Dirk and Joe on guitars, the band's groove takes a different direction," says Frederick. "It moves away from jazzy funk to sit squarely in the blues. And Don is more of a rocker than Dean."

With Pevar at the helm this weekend at Callahan's, the shows are sure to feature guitar-driven rock, funk and blues.

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