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Suicide bomber strikes mosque, kills 8


A woman wearing a vest lined with explosives blew herself up near a popular market and Shiite mosque in turbulent Diyala province today, killing eight civilians &

the latest in a growing number of female suicide attacks.

Seven people were wounded in the bombing in Khan Bani Saad, a town nine miles south of Baqouba, Diyala's provincial capital, police said.

Involving women in fighting violates religious taboos in Iraq, and a growing number of female suicide attacks could indicate insurgents are becoming increasingly desperate. U.S.-led forces are increasingly catching militants suspected of training women to become human bombs or finding evidence of efforts by al-Qaida in Iraq to recruit women, according to military records.

Today's bombing was the fourth female suicide attack in Iraq in three months, and all have taken place in Diyala province.

Car bomb targets U.S. Embassy vehicle

BEIRUT, Lebanon &

Lebanese police said today that a car bomb packed with 44 pounds of TNT caused the explosion that hit a U.S. Embassy vehicle, killing three passersby and once again putting Americans in the country on alert for attacks.

The bombing was the first in more than two decades targeting American diplomats in Lebanon, and the U.S. Embassy restricted the movement of its staff in response.

The bombing, which took place as President Bush was touring the Mideast, highlighted growing chaos in Lebanon. The country has descended into violence over the last three years after almost a decade of calm following its long civil war.

U.S. diplomats are deeply involved in the country's fractured politics, supporting the government against the Syrian-backed opposition. The sides have been deadlocked over choosing a new president.

Violence flares in Kenya, — dead

NAIROBI, Kenya &

Police fired tear gas and bullets to disperse thousands of protesters in several Kenyan cities at the start of three days of opposition rallies, killing at least one person and injuring half a dozen.

Opposition leader Raila Odinga, who insists he was robbed of the presidency through vote rigging in last month's election, urged his supporters to join the protests nationwide despite a government ban.

In downtown Nairobi, helmeted riot police on horseback chased away small clusters of protesters from skyscraper-lined streets. Businesses quickly shut as tear gas was fired, and thousands of panicked office workers in suits and high-heels streamed out of downtown on foot.

Some people angered by the protests shouted "Raila go home!"

"" The Associated Press

Police in several cities lobbed tear gas canisters and beat protesters with batons to disperse them. In Nairobi and at least two other cities, police fired live rounds, sending crowds scrambling for cover.

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