The Yellow Cupboard

When Aaron Park, 26, and his brother Isaac Park, 22, were children in Wisconsin, their mother ran an art supplies mail order business, and they thought having a house full of such stuff was the norm.

"We grew up around art supplies," Aaron Park said.

So when they moved to Ashland about three years ago, they fell in with an artsy crowd and soon discovered there were many things artists needed to leave Ashland to purchase.

"Everyone was saying they have to go to Medford," he said. "It seemed to us this town needed an art supply store. It really came naturally."

The brothers found a spot on A Street in a building owned by J. Ellen Austin, one of the founders of the Ashland Gallery Association, and opened up The Yellow Cupboard art supply store.

"There used to be an art supply store in Ashland, but not any more," Austin said. "There's a little bit here and there. This is a fantastic supply store for art. There are people doing art and people looking for supplies."

Austin runs Jega Art Gallery and Sculpture Garden in the same complex, along with Studio AB and now The Yellow Cupboard.

"It's a nice triplex of art," she said.

The Parks moved into the space in February after putting in new wood flooring, installing new lighting and painting the store in a light purple and yellow theme.

"We wanted it to be something inviting," Aaron Park said.

The name was suggested by his mother and it's intended to suggest that container in many homes where family art supplies are kept.

"We just really liked it," Park said. "In our house it was just a chest with a bunch of drawers with everything it."

The store sells supplies for drawing and painting, fibers and felting, traditional crafts, Waldorf school books and supplies and kits for such activities as Ukranian egg dyeing, silk hoop painting, paper dolls and bookmaking.

"A lot of it is easy to use and friendly," Park said. "There's everything an intro to drawing class at SOU might need. We aim for high quality, nontoxic sustainable art supplies."

The store also hosts classes to build skills in tie-dye, wet felting, kite making, knitting for beginners, candle dipping, stamp making, candle decorating, needle felting and block printing.

"The goal is to introduce people to some of our favorite projects and some of the products people can use," Park said. "Candle dipping seems to be really fun for people. The kite making class was a challenge getting 10 kids to work together to make something beautiful, but it worked out great."

The Yellow Cupboard is at 629 A St. It's open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays and noon to 4 p.m. Sundays. For information, e-mail, call 541-767-8322 or see the Web site

Myles Murphy is an editor and reporter with the Daily Tidings. Reach him at

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