Tibetan Cultural Fest at SOU

A Tibetan Cultural Festival will take place at Southern Oregon University on Sunday, Oct. 5 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. SOU's art department and local businesses are helping to sponsor this benefit fundraiser for the nonprofit, Kham Aid Foundation. Kham is the large, southeastern region of the Tibetan plateau known for its fiercely independent people who are renown for their enduring commitment to the Buddhist faith.

Kham Aid was founded in 1997 by Dr. Pamela Logan. Since then, the foundation has offered support not only to the local people, but has been instrumental in preserving damaged monasteries and temples in the region. Dr. Logan has created an efficient organization that carries on its charitable activities while maintaining a strong and harmonious rapport with the Chinese government. This past May, the devastating earthquake in the Kham area of what is now western China has further imperiled buildings that were already greatly in need of repair.

The Tibetan Cultural Festival's organizers are Hilary Stetson, who supports a small center for the practice of Tibetan Buddhism in Ashland, and Julie Rogers, who will present a slideshow of Tibetan culture, art, and architecture from her recent trip to India and Nepal.

The event will take place in SOU's Stevenson Union Hall and Rogue River Room. Kagyu Sukha Choling, who recently began work on their traditional Tibetan temple in Ashland, will have an information table at the event. Tashi Choling, the Tibetan Buddhist center in the Colestine Valley, will have a table and their archive, Mirror of Wisdom, will sell various publications. Light of Berotsana Translation Group will offer information on their translations of classical Buddhist texts and Trish DeMers of Choying Art will give a presentation and show a display of thangka paintings. There will also be several Tibetan craft activities and traditional story telling for children.

Many local businesses have enthusiastically offered their support to this event, which will further Kham Aid's causes of conservation, health care, education and disaster relief. The Chaksampa Tibetan Dance and Opera Company's performance, along with Dr. Logan's keynote speech, will highlight the many presentations at the festival. Tickets are on sale at Soundpeace and Tibet Treasures in Ashland, and will be available at the door. E-mail hstetson@ashlandnet.net.

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