Time for the quarterly win quiz

It's time for a quiz, something I spring on wine lovers four times a year. If you've been reading the wine columns on a fairly regular basis, you should do well. If you haven't, take the exam at your own peril.

1. What champagne did Bogey pour in Paris in the movie "Casablanca"?

a. Mumm Cordon Rouge

b. Dom Perignon

c. Clicquot yellow label

d. André brut

2. The noble sangiovese grape is a native of which region?

a. Tuscany

b. Marche

c. Piemonte

d. Solvang

3. If you were describing a wine with cassis "flavors," which wine would you be speaking of?

a. Cabernet sauvignon

b. Pinot noir

c. Grenache

d. Sangiovese

4. Why do many white wines age poorly?

a. The antioxidants from the skins and other properties designed for the cellar are absent.

b. They are too light.

c. They are not grown in the correct area for aging well.

d. Who wants older white wines, anyway?

5. What are the three Bs of Italy?

a. Barolo, Barbaresco and Brunello.

b. Barbera, Barchetto, Brutessia

c. Bianchi, Banfi, Bolognese

6. What does wood do to red wine?

a. Wood can give it complexity and tannin that help it age well

b. Wood is very inexpensive so the price of wine decreases

c. All wood is wonderful for red wine

d. Wood is essentially neutral and imparts little flavor

7. Which founding fathers loved wine?

a. Jefferson, Franklin, Adams

b. Hamilton, Burr, Jefferson

c. Washington, Adams, Hamilton

8. If a wine is "fruity," it means that:

a. It's showing fruit from the grape

b. It is sweet

c. It is both sweet and fruity

d. It is most likely a Torrontes

9. Who was Richard Sommers?

a. A legendary Oregon winemaker from the Umpqua Valley

b. A legendary California winemaker

c. A fierce supporter of Oregon champagne

d. The man who saved the Oregon wine coast appellation

10. Why do we call zinfandel the "California grape?"

a. It is best known coming from California

b. It is a native of old Mexico and migrated to California, where it became widely planted

c. It is a grape sought out for its California style

d. The grape is best served as California blush

11. Rosé is made from:

a. Red wine grapes where the skins are extracted during the winemaking process

b. A blend of rich red wine and light white wine

c. A blend of soft red wine and sweet white wine

d. A blend of white wines with a hint of berry juice tossed in

12. Where would the notable pinot noir grape be grown in France?

a. Burgundy

b. Bordeaux

c. Loire Valley

d. Alsace

13. If you were a vigneron, what would you be?

a. A vineyard worker

b. A barrel maker

c. A cherry picker for fruit wine

d. A person who collected "vigs" at different winery sites

14. Why is cabernet called the "king" of red wine grapes?

a. It was the best known of the red varietals, historically

b. It is the "biggest" red known to wine drinkers

c. It was first planted by kings

d. There is a story from the French winery trade that labeled it so

If you answered "a" to all of the questions, you got an "A" for yourself, as well.

Lorn Razzano is owner of the Wine Cellar in Ashland. Reach him at razz49@aol.com.

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