Top web stories differ from print

A review of the past 12 months of local stories that online readers of the Daily Tidings found most interesting provided some surprising results. Below are the top 10 articles of 2007 from our Web site, along with the number of views.

Significant stories not on the list include Jackson County libraries closing or re-opening, international fugitive Pete Seda returning to Ashland or a story about city councilor behavior picked up by USA Today.

To read any of the featured articles, simply click on the title.

1. The most viewed story of 2007 was "" by Michele Mihalovich on Dec. 22. Local prankster Chet Fitch wrote Christmas cards to his friends "from heaven" and had them delivered after his death. (6,870 views)

2. "" by Robert Plain on April 21. Brandi Freeman, a candidate for student body president at Southern Oregon University, admitted to concocting a story about having a cousin who was killed in theshooting that left 33 dead at Virginia Tech. (4,239 views)

3. "" by Alan Panebaker and Robert Plain on March 7. Casey Miller became the focus of the news after APD responded to an argument she was having with her brother. Miller, wearing only a towel during the altercation, claimed police were unnecessarily rough when they took her to jail for disorderly conduct. ((4,205 views)

4. "," by on Oct. 10. The four-part series struck a nerve throughout Ashland after revealing the behind-the-scenes conduct of city councilors and their relationships with city leaders. The investigation into the problems caused by the councilors' inability to get along with each other, as well as with city leaders, was initiated by the abrupt resignation of former Community Development Director David Stalheim &

after serving less than eight months &

which followed on the heels of a number of leaders leaving the city. (3,774 views)

5. "" by Chris Rizo on July 23. After weeks of speculation and Internet discussion, one downtown business owner publicly announced a recall effort of three Ashland city councilors. Richard Hansen of Gold Gems Fine Jewelry said he and about a dozen other business leaders were launching a recall campign to unseat Councilors Alice Hardesty, Cate Hartzell and Eric Navickas. (3,168 views)

6. "" by Robert Plain on Feb. 10. As an infant, Isabelle Prichard beat back brain cancer using a combination of western and alternative medical treatments. She had four surgeries to remove the glio blastoma multiforma, a rare form of brain cancer with which she was born. The doctors who identified the new mass during a CAT scan said it is likely cancer. They recommended another surgery to have it removed. But the healer whom her parents believe cured her the first time says new brain cells are growing in her head, and they should allow the mass to stay. (2,528 views)

7. "" by Joe Zavala on Dec. 8. Southern Oregon University has decided to stick with head women's soccer coach Jon Clement after complaints from players led to an investigation following the 2007 season. According to several players, SOU athletic director Dennis Francois and assistant AD Matt Sayre told freshmen, sophomores and juniors of the school's decision in a private meeting. Junior midfielder Nicole Vilarino, who felt like she was treated unfairly by Clement, said the reaction to the announcement was mixed. (2,432 views)

8. "" by on Oct. 11. After losing John MacLaughlin, who had been with Ashland's planning department for 19 years, followed by two failed recruitments &

highlighted by the premature departure of newly-hired director, David Stalheim &

everyone agrees the turnover in the top position of the most prestigious planning department in Southern Oregon isn't the worst problem it faces. Consider an $800,000 shortfall, with revenues trending south. (2,429 views)

9. "" by Robert Plain on May 23. Six years have passed since the events of Sept. 11, 2001. So to have several governmental explanations, a 9-11 bipartisan commission, which released an official report, to address the unanswered questions that hang over what the U.S. government has classified as a terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon that memorable September morning. Still, Ashland residents, and a growing number of American citizens, still have unanswered questions. Ashland residents, perhaps more so than the nation as a whole, aren't satisfied with the official account, or the lack thereof, about these events. (2,248 views)

10. "" by Robert Plain on Jan. 3. Ryan Dale and Carrie Lesowski were sworn in as officers for the Ashland Police Department. That brings the total to five new police officers since August 2006. APD is now in the process of looking for two more officers. When those positions are filled, the department will be at full staff for the first time since in "seven or eight years," said Deputy Police Chief Rich Walsh. (2,243 views)

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