Trainers' tips for 2012

Maybe it's been only a week since you last worked out. Or maybe it's been longer. A lot longer. That's OK. Ashland fitness trainers are ready to help you achieve your New Year's health resolutions. Here's some advice:

"Every bit of exercise helps, even if it's only 10 minutes. Studies have proven that increasing your activity level can increase your life span. Try combining strength training and cardio for a well-rounded and time-efficient workout."

— Michael Sotos, Ashland Anytime Fitness

"When I hear the big confession from my clients that they have indulged during the holidays, I advise them to first get their weight back to where they want it. Those with muscular integrity can do this by walking in Lithia Park, using rowing machines or doing other cardiovascular exercises. Then they can get back to building muscle through strength training."

— Kit Crumb, Ashland Fitness Studio

"Four easy and important steps to make that New Year's resolution stick are: Write down your goal and make it visible to you every day. Be realistic with your goal and time frame in which you want to achieve it. Establish a plan containing the steps you will take to achieve your goal. Prepare yourself mentally."

— Chip Layton, Ashland Family YMCA

"What is the most important aspect of any exercise program? The secret ingredient to your success? You've got to show up. Consistency is everything."

— Andy Baxter, Baxter Fitness Solutions for Fifty and Beyond

"Start working out with a friend. It will be more fun and you can help each other be consistent."

— Kory Rogers, Ashland Tennis & Fitness Club

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